Evaluation question 7


During the early stages of my media course I completed a preliminary and continuity task. As I was completely new to the concept of filmmaking and editing, these tasks were set out to teach the importance of and get us to practise the 180 degree rule, match on action and shot reverse shot when we were filming. In the preliminary task much of my footage is out of focus which produces a blurry image which isn’t aesthetically pleasing, from this task I learnt the importance of proper focusing in creating atmosphere and relaying the narrative convincingly. This task provided good practise in continuity editing but I soon learnt when filming my opening that to create an engaging and interesting film, many of the shots used for continuity sake were not needed in the piece.

Since this task I have developed my media skills in more depth by rearranging footage into non-chronological order in Adobe premiere and using techniques like parallel editing to convey narrative. This can be seen clearly in my opening in scenes with the the protagonist and the thugs. I have been able to use these more advanced techniques to improve the way in which my story is put across to the audience and make it less boring to watch. It also causes the audience to think more proactively about what they are watching. I have branched out since my beginning tasks in terms of post production in outlets such as sound and titles. In my preliminary task I used only dialogue and non diegetic music to add extra effect to my scene. The music I chose was not very fitting for the piece and was mainly chosen due to personal taste. I have now learnt how to fit music that is more appropriate to the piece of film to build tension and create a better atmosphere.

We were assigned a Mundane task where we filmed a boring routine from many different camera angles to make it look more interesting. This was when I began to experiment with different camera angles and their effects. As can be seen in my first 2 filming tasks, there are very few camera angles featured and the camera seems to remain on one plane throughout with out any motion. In comparison to my final opening the difference in camera movement is large. Also, in my film opening I have used a lot more freehand camera movement and gimbal shots as opposed to using a tripod such as in the early stages – I have found that a free held camera provides a lot more creative flexibility however I still have seen the need for the use of the tripod when a steady panning shot is required. Aside from camera skills and increased capabilities in editing and post production programs like premiere and after effects I have learnt how to direct which is a crucial skill in order to produce any piece of film. 

As a media student, I have developed my skills since the beginning of the course in every field and this in turn has improved the quality of my products up to a point now that I feel they are of a high level of quality.


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